Friday, January 16, 2009

Paris, here we come!

We are both moving to Paris, France for a couple of years.

The Good...
Wonderful opportunity for my darling S and his career growth, which he rightfully deserves.
A new country, new people and hopefully some new friends!
We can both travel around the world, which is what we (y)earn for!
New experiences, new people and fresh beginnings.
A refreshing break from the monotony of a comfortable home, city that has grown on us and that we love and my job stint! ( which is the usual trend!)
I can take my parents on a Europe trip! ( Amma would enjoy it the most!)
I will learn a new language - French! I doubt it, if i can get away without it.

The Bad...
I have to quit my job that I really like. ( Its not too bad, who knows I might find something better or I can always freelance).
Miss my parents for sure, can't rush to them whenever i want! ( Of course, its a different thing that even when I am here, I can't make an impromptu trip for various reasons)
Miss my friends. ( Online interactions / phone conversations are not the same as personal interactions!)
I will terribly miss interacting and meeting people, fun and gossip at work, for sure!

The ugly...
We have to leave our cozy home that we have built with loads of love and dreams, that is the MOST heart-wrenching for me...
I will feel lonely. On the flip side, lots of people have promised to visit me.
I will miss all the festivities here in India, especially Diwali, Janmashtami and Ganesh Chathurthi, which I love. ( Ya, I can celebrate it there, but its not the same! Maybe, I can come home at that time)


SR said...

Hey.. Congrats.. and well done.. Dont worry.. you will get used to everything really soon..

I will visit you too..:) I love paris and have plans of coming ther sometime next year with my other friend..
What if not Pune.. we will meet in Paris.. ! What say?

Pretty Woman said...

:-) it will be great to have you over..except I have to see you to believe you :D

here it is!!!! said...

I am very happy for you and S. It will be a dream come true. Enjoy!!!!

Pretty Woman said...

Thank you so much revathi! I do get positive vibes from few of my friends :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

All the very best for the start of a new life!

Pretty Woman said...

Thanks a ton Preeti! Wish you all the very best too :-) I am sure you will enjoy yourself in UK.

lipstick said...

That is lovely! wish you the every best!

Pretty Woman said...

thanks a ton kirti :) how you doing? all settled in Blore?

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