Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Music - Quintessential element in my life!

There are no words to describe how important music has become.... am listening to a song by A.R.Rahman, from a surya starts like "munbe vaa en anbe vaa...." its listening to it over and a mantra!!! Brings back all pleasant memories to your mind. That man is a genius! Right from my teens, music is like my loyal companion who shares my happiness and my agony aunt when I am sad...or upset! If I have some good music for company, i am quite happy to be by food, no entertainment or anything...i can just carry on. Music has this ability to soothe frayed nerves...and lift your spirits! Especially when you listen to some slow romantic numbers, it brings a smile on your face! :-)


Daniel said...

Hey hey hey... if music is the food life... play on!!!

Nice blog na..