Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is certainly worth the effort!

I AM one of those people who likes to dress well to make myself feel good and all that blah! But I also like it when someone notices it or compliments it, be it a new hairstyle, clothes or anything...especially when S does!

I have to say that I am a lucky wife ( I know I am blessed in lots of ways too!) that way coz S ALWAYS notices anything new I wear...( No, I don't force him to...he is naturally observant!).

Infact, he has a great sense of color and fashion and gives the right suggestions when we shop or when we are getting ready to go out. He always compliments me if I wear something new and looks good on me. I am secretly thrilled when he does though outwardly I appear nonchalant! :D

When I get lots of compliments at work from everyone, I can't wait to get home and tell him like a kid from school who returns home to tell everything that happened excitedly to her/his Mom!


techpsyche said...

heh, Thats a good one and nice to hear about such a good quality abt Satya. Whatz new this time? Hairstyle?? or Dress?? ;-)

SR said...

Hey.. thats a very rare trait in a man.. lucky you..

Pretty Woman said...

Hey techpsyche,

Indeed, it is!! :-) Well, everyday is a new day...does'nt that warranty everything new? Just kidding...

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Shrutha,
Well, I don't know too many men and I don't want to generalize...but i agree that i sure am lucky! :-)