Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our own little world!

My whole world has changed since Baby Girl arrived, in a good way! ....and I can never say it enough! 

I took a break from work after baby girl as I wanted to see her grow up and enjoy the nascent phase with her. I did it for myself, i wanted to be right there, for all her milestones and totally enjoy being with her. I know that she will not be a little girl again! 
Of course, she clings to me naturally, like everyone of us who want their mother all the time! I still do...

Since we returned to India, S's job requires that he travel ever so often. As a result, its just us on weekdays ( thankfully, he is back on weekends, and insists that its a temporary thing!). So we have our little routine everyday, our playtime, our "rituals" and I am so busy playing with her or learning to deal with her tantrums( oh yeah!) that there is no time to think about anything or anyone but Baby GIrl! We are in our little world entwined, engrossed and totally content with each other. 

I have visually imagined this scenario in my mind, a million times. I see her peacefully sleep and as I watch her profile, I remember breaking my head wondering how she would look, while anxiously looking at her scans in the lab during my pregnancy days. But nothing matches the miracle or the reality that she is! She is an angel, a million rays of sunshine who drives me nuts sometimes! :P

Being a mother has enriched me in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined! Right now, I am happy in my own little world, after all I have an angel for company! My little cherub!