Monday, November 3, 2014

Smitten, totally smitten!

I don't follow fashion too closely or buy anything and everything in vogue. But I do like to keep a watch on all the pretty stuff in trend and one of them that has grabbed my EYEBALLS with their stunning designs - AMRAPALI JEWELLERY!

Almost every celebrity dons it and every single design is stunning - classic, quirky or a forever-design- they come in all categories! So for my birthday this time, S surprised me with some striking unique pieces from Amrapali!

Here's a striking knuckle ring, that I think is not just unique, but a classic piece too!

I imagine, it would suffice if worn just as a single piece, with all the attention towards it - very aptly too! The fact that I have long fingers help! I can't wait to be invited for a wedding soon...anyone getting married? :)

S always makes it a point to buy complete gifts - so he also got me a contemporary spike pendant - though its not a goth-sorta piece - it is elegant yet spunky, in my opinion. 

The breakfast table that the jewellery sits on, is an improvised version. A DIY idea inspired me to work on our simple glass table into this. I stuck all the coppery 1,2 and 5 cents from France to make this! 

what do you think? :P


S said...

Jewellery is beautiful. But your DIY table design is awesome!

Pretty Woman said...

Thank you :)

soulsearchingdays said...

vow beautiful table, what an idea! and the jewellery is really beautiful no wonder every other celebrity is wearing it :)

Pretty Woman said...

thank you :)