Thursday, September 18, 2014

I love...

- the smell of fresh earth right after it rains....mannvaasanai

- a beautiful morning, a cup of tea and a few minutes of solitude

- watching baby girl cuddle with S, there is so much love in that visual

- thayir sadam and urulakizhangu roast ( curd rice and roast potatoes)

- nowadays....a relaxing long massage

- anything new - a haircut, a dress, jewellery, something for the house, anything!

- lying down on Amma's lap

- tight hugs and numerous kisses from baby girl

- myriad expressions of baby girl - mischief, glee, joy, laughter, serene,introspective ( yes, introspective!)

- a great book, especially gripping ones that are un-put-downable

- freshly manicured nails with interesting nail colors

- a clean, uncluttered and spotless home

- a relaxed Sunday morning, with no agenda, newspaper in hand and a sumptuous breakfast no particular order!


soulsearchingdays said...

Hi, Nice and simple post, many of the points would feature in my list too such as reading, smell of earth just after rain, sunday mornings and just watching my children and enjoying their company... :)
take care

Pretty Woman said...

:)... Thank you. .. simple pleasures of life. .