Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I am a B+ sort of a person now!

"Don't expect to see positive changes in your life, if you surround yourself with negative people" - I read this somewhere and analyzed my associations very keenly some time back and acted on it. I realized that I get bogged down by other's judgement, opinions and criticism and after a long introspection, it dawned on me that its more about them, it was not me. It was their insecurity, jealousy and envy that brought about all those negative vibes. 

There is nothing much I can do about others. But I can definitely work on myself, my attitude and the way I think. So I began to ruthlessly ignore these people or what they thought of me. IT DOES NOT MATTER. Yes, I can be a better person, without reacting, with silence, and work towards it on my own terms - not based on what other's expect of me. It is not easy - its difficult to turn a deaf ear to hypocrisy, pretense, fake praises, especially jekyl and hyde kind of people, I really began to avoid! 

S is a non-confrontational kind of a person while I confront head on! I always believed that when you confront and talk it out, the problem gets solved. It does get solved, when the other is also ready and wanting to find a solution! So, when there arises a conflict with such insecurity, it is often a never-ending quicksand! It is better to keep silent and be a spectator. Let time run its course...confrontations and communication do not always work! 

You can be hurt, only if you allow yourself to be hurt - i would hear this from S all the time, through my married years. I will not allow anymore. PERIOD. More power to ME!


soulsearchingdays said...

Hi, I hv always liked your blog, good to see you back.. about the post.. I was a confrontational person but slowly but surely I am turning into a non confrontational, may be it's the age !!

take care

Pretty Woman said...


hmmmmm....good to see you getting vocal here though! ...and thank you :)