Saturday, July 3, 2010

I wish...But...

I wish I were perfect
But there is no perfection in the real world

I wish everyone liked me
But I can't please everyone

I wish I were not judged for all my actions
But you are entitled to your opinion?

I wish I could live life on my own terms
But who is stopping me?

I wish I could hold on to everything and everyone I love
But nothing is permanent in life

I wish I knew the purpose of my life
But life is all about the journey, not the destination

I wish I were always happy
But would I value it as much?


Unknown said...

Hello again, wonderful words...I'm certain that there isn't anyone who cannot relate to your's everyones story :).
Hey just one correction, when we say-
I wish, the 'was' for the singular becomes 'were', subjunctive in English grammar- I wish, I were...
Anyway, very nicely put feeling, thanks for sharing.

Pretty Woman said...

Vivek Nanda,

I agree! :) Thank glad you liked it. You are right about the grammar, when I read it again....I found it wrong too...I have changed it...thanks a ton for pointing it out!

Vidya said...

Nice words and nicely put!

Pretty Woman said...


thanks a ton! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking my word, it looks perfect now, thank you :)