Sunday, July 25, 2010

Positivity Week (Day 5)

It has been a fun-filled weekend with very dear friends...full of fun, laughter and madness ( mostly on my part!) :) Its going to be really easy to list the 5 things that made me happy today!!

1. S and I, met a group of friends and we invited our British friends C and P (from our evening yesterday) a Sunday brunch at the world-famous Saravana Bhavan ( they have recently opened a new branch in Paris)....lots of delicious authentic south indian food, friends, conversations and filter-kaapis (filter coffee) later, we were a happy and contented bunch! :)

2. My friend C gave me an absolutely gorgeous surprise - she gave me a lovely green knitted scarf that took her more than a month to complete! It looks stunning and I simply loved it and touched by all the effort that has gone into making it! :) God, I am so blessed to get all this love and affection...will post a picture of the lovely scarf soon - its a sea-green color and its stunning! Thank you so much C, you made me an extremely happy woman today! :)

3. Speaking to the hotel staff in tamizh gives me a high! Apart from S, they are the only people I can speak to, in my mother tongue...and it gives me a sense of being back at home in Madras! It will always be Madras for me, NOT chennai...can't relate to it! :)

4. I have a 'child-like crazy' alter-ego which reveals itself when I am very very happy and comfortable. After a REALLY long time, I could reveal my alter-ego! Very few people get to see this side of me, apart from S and family....and I am glad I could add 2 new friends, C and P, with whom I felt so comfortable! :)

5. The weather is just perfect - cool and pleasant, and its a perfect Sunday! :)


Guru said...

Yeah HSB is great .. esp in Cont Europe. they opened it verey recently.. they openied it exactly after a week I came..:-( .. had to survive on 'Cow food' ( salads) :-(

SR said...

Sounds like a lovely sunday.. Look forward to see the scarf...

Yes.. SB has great food.. they have a couple of branches in London.. :) Have fun.. !

Pretty Woman said...


tough luck for you! :)...Though I can cook, its nice to go out once in a while...where someone does it for you!

Pretty Woman said...


It sure was...after a long time with friends...I will post the pic soon! :)

Vaish said...

First time in your blog, and it's very impressive. The details and passion with which you write about your home interiors is too good. And few things that I am glad about this post - you being a tamilian!, a HSB in Paris(sounds yummy). Have a great time with your amma and anna.