Thursday, July 22, 2010

Positivity Week (Day 2)

As you continue to find out the things that make me will realize that its very easy to make me happy. I get excited about the most inane things....or the little things! :) I also think its the best-kept secret to happiness...finding happiness in the little things in life...don't you agree?

1. I happened to watch interviews of Jada Pinket-Smith and Will Smith on Oprah and an old interview of Hrithik-Suzanne Roshan and it felt so good to see that they are so much in love and are the best of friends even after many years of being married and kids. Sadly, I am a witness to many of my friend's relationships and marraiges (of many years failing, even the most romantic couples I have known)....and this was a welcome change! I hope to see many more couples like them who help each other grow!

2. I am forever in a dilemma about growing/cutting my hair and bug S everytime asking if i should cut my hair....he said 'babe, you look sexy in long hair, so keep it!' that did'nt make me feel good....I was thrilled! ..and of course, I am growing my hair now! ;-) Besides, I am terrified of Amma's reaction if i cut my hair again and I have had short hair for quite some time now!

3. I saw this smiling baby on the Metro with the most beautiful eyes and she gave me such a gorgeous made me feel sooo good! If it was back home in India, I would have played with the child or touched her tiny hand....but here, I have to make an effort to stop myself from doing that! :) All babies are beautiful and ethereal...PERIOD.

4. Call me a material girl or a girly girl! But I just found this amazing natural shade of lipstick ( Golden Souffle, L'oreal)....and it tastes really good....does that count? :P

5. I listen to some good music everyday on my commute to work. Those 30 - 40 minutes, my entire life is a soundtrack and everyone else simply cease to exist! The grumpy faces, heat ( summer is killing esp. on the Metro with soo many people and non-existant ventilation) just don't bother me...and I am on a high! Depending on my mood that day, I am either listening to some calming music like melodious numbers or Hindustani classical or I am listening to super-koothu ( fast beat) songs or interesting songs with good beats and I am doing a mental dance if that's possible! :)


chickoo said...

i completely agree with you. it's simple, inane things that brings happiness to us, yet we fail to realise so. good you brought forward them.

Shruthi said...

I know that the temptation to go and touch a cute, happy baby is very high, but sigh, not all parents appreciate it... :)
as for falling marriages - lots of girls I studied with, got married with such expectations, only to end up sperated/divorced... it scares me... A LOT!

Revathi said...

souffle sounds yummy for sure :)

Pretty Woman said...


absolutely! ...and sometimes you don't realize until you sit down and list it out like this...

Pretty Woman said...


:) Be positive!

Pretty Woman said...


ha ha ha I do eat up all of my lipsticks...and I have a soft corner for all shades of gold...not too much...but a tinge!