Friday, March 20, 2009

Standing tall !!

Today, I went to the bank to open an account for myself, along with S. On my way back, I saw these amazing purple-fuschia ( Its a double color) colored shoes...they looked so awesome, my resolve not to shop is all gone! :P ( Its ok, I can go hungry for a few days!!)

I don't really need heels coz I am pretty tall, I am close to 5-8' , a fact that I am really proud of!! However, as you can see, I have large (ugly broad) feet, I have problems finding good shoes that look feminine more than anything else! So, if I find any shop that has my size, its a moment of bliss! REALLY!!
Amma often tells me its good you wear flats and heels damage your spine and posture and all that blah! All said and done, heels add elegance to your personality and I have always longed to wear them. S is much taller than I I can afford to wear them. I guess, once in a while, its ok!! Thank GOD for that! :) Coz, these add quite a few inches! My brother often makes fun of girls that they walk on stools!! :P
Now, I want to be impartial and fair! So I bought another pair of shoes...not now, long back...coz it was a good deal, they had my size and they are flats!! I am sooooo thrilled, ya, anything new makes me go bonkers!! :P Sharing my newest acquisitions!!


SV said...

oh no, there goes my lunch money for next week!

Raaga said...


Nice shoes. In this light it looks more purple than fuchsia.

But tell me this:

S is much taller than I I can afford to wear them.

Why does the man HAVE to be taller?

Pretty Woman said...


You don't need lunch money...I make lunch for you! you are one drama king, i guess :P

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Raaga,
You are right..its a double color, Purple - fuschia! :)

As for men being taller, I like my partner to be taller than me..way taller than me! Its my personal fact, that was the only thing i was particular about, when i got married! :)

Techpsyche said...

Purple?? Now I see the influence of Paris lifestyle in you! They are a wonderful pair n definitely an asset in the wardrobe.

SR said...

They look lovely.. :)

Priya Rajesh said...

those shoes look fantastic PW...indulging once in a while is fine....and it is really very difficult for me to find the right size shoes, and i am not very confident wearing high heels, makes me vulnerable to fall down....

Pretty Woman said...

Thanks da...I am really excited :-)

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Priya!

I know...neither can I...but these are 'wedges' and have wider support, and I seem to be doing ok...anyway, I won't wear it everyday!! :-)

Pretty Woman said...


Thank you :-) I am sure you will agree that Purple is a lovely color and you are spot on, about it being a favoured color on this side! ;-)