Thursday, March 26, 2009

One of my quirks!

It is already a month since we moved here! Time just flew by, am still waiting for my furniture and all my precious photoframes and knick-knacks to arrive. Till they do, I feel like I am living in someone else's home! Well, I am sort of,...but don't you think these little things that you can relate to, cozy up your home? Like the odd cushion with the special cover you had to argue about buying or the photo collage that reminds you of fun times or a lovely holiday or that lamp shade you insisted on buying!

Note: My current home in Paris, which I shall modify soon with my stuff, will update that pic once I am done and of course, my stuff arrives!

It breaks my heart to accept the fact that some one else is living in my own home. Yes, we found a tenant for our home and my amazing friend took care of everything for me. I know you got to be practical and all that blah, but it is a
home ( Click on this link to read the earlier post) we built with a lot of love, effort and utmost detail. But like S says, even if someone else lives there, it is still OUR home! Well, that is indeed some consolation! :-)

I strongly believe that your home reflects your personality; just like how well groomed a person is, reflects an individual's personality. I am not referring to good looks ( that would be a plus, yes, I am vain! Murder me?) here; I mean clean nails, feet, well-groomed hair, that sorta thing. In fact, when I first met S, that was the first thing I noticed. He has absolutely beautiful pink feet and he is very well-groomed ALWAYS!

I personally feel, it speaks volumes about a person ( Please note I speak only for myself and it happens to be MY blog, heard of freedom of speech?!)
. Just like how a few quirks about someone is endearing, the little things around the house seem to complete YOUR home! I have even named a few of my knick-knacks as if they were real and we often refer to them with their names! Come on, they have been with us for years, you are bound to care about them!

When I think about something, I visualize it in graphic detail. So I visualize my home with all the trimmings; even that slight rip somewhere in the corner of the sofa! Yup, Go Figure! So I can't wait for my stuff to COMPLETE my home! :-) Do any of you have any such attachments to a particular thing?


SV said...

quirks, ya that sounds right! i can imagine a much more boring life without the several fights over cushion covers, curtains, and you "knick-knacks" :)

Pretty Woman said...

I make your life interesting and definitely, entertaining! :-)

Nice to see you visiting my blog!

SR said...

Quirks.. ya.. all of them have some... :)
Hope your stuff arrives soon.. so you can re-decorate your new home.. I know you love doing that.. :)

Pretty Woman said...


Thanks, i miss talking to you :-)