Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am moving on! Yup, I am…instead of brooding about missing my friends and the tiny social circle I had back home in India, I decided to extend my hand…and viola! I have two friends now! S’s colleague’s wife Teresa, a Spanish lady, a lovely person and a mother of three…she came home and we got talking…she introduced me to another girl who is apparently on the same street as mine… she was shopping in the ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Sunday’ Market that happens right below my apartment and she popped in too…and we all hit it off instantly…J I felt so happy that there were other people I could talk to…

Tomorrow, Cristina and I will meet up in the nearby station and we are off to Teresa’s! Not bad, eh? I feel great!

P.S – Teresa got me some lovely flowers and it looked gorgeous and that's the picture! These are posts I had drafted long back when I had no internet!


Lakshmi said...

These are tulips I suppose?They look awesome!

Pretty Woman said...

:-) Yes they are...By any chance, do I know you?