Monday, March 16, 2009

Other than the time difference..

Apart from the time difference of about 4.5 hrs between Paris and India ( back home for me!)...I found many other interesting differences....

People are nattily dressed even to the market

Many people have these toy-like dogs that they bring along everywhere. These dogs do not bark or do can see them even in shopping malls, little balls of fur...really cute!

You can NEVER see anyone carry their babies or toddlers in their arms. They are ALWAYS in a pram and oh, how can i forget? with a nipple stuffed into their mouth.

You can NEVER see bi-lingual boards on the road or shops or for ingredients. Everybody speaks only FRENCH. Oui?

Most fathers spend a lot of time with their kids and seem to genuinely enjoy their time with their children. Its endearing.

Mostly, it looks like people thrive on cheese and chocolates. Even digestive biscuits have a chocolate coating!

The Internet/TV/Phone takes a minimum of just 2 weeks to be installed!! You have to pay a fortune if you want a technician to come home for installing it! Yeah, you heard me right!

Every street corner has a 'coiffeur' ( Hair styling salon) or two and there is a mandatory cafe at every two blocks filled with people enjoying some wine and maybe cigarettes. No, this is not on a weekend, this is on every single day!!

You can see people jogging on the road at any time of the day. Even if its bizarrely cold, you can see people in shorts. I often wonder how they manage to bear the cold? I have even seen people jogging on the road when we were coming back home from dinner, say about 10.30?

Everybody is thin and fit. ( I guess the jogging is the secret!) EVERYBODY!
Incidentally, I have recently discovered the joy of good music and going on long walks. I feel AWESOME! :) I don't have to fear running into someone, coz I don't know anybody! :P

Edited to add more:

There is 'Pomme' ( Pomme refers to apple) in everything...
Pomme de pain, Pomme yaourt, Pomme verte lime is a flavor used extensively in India, Pomme or Green apple is a flavor used in everything from bath foams to yogurt!

S's naturally curly hair has become straight and my straight hair is now poker straight! :D


Sri said...

Hey! First timer here.

I loved the red curtains in your bed room. Where did u get those from?

Enjoy your stay in Paris. Im so J!!

techpsyche said...

good old trick... adopt the good practices and discard the bad/boring ones.....Have fund and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

SR said...

Hmmm.. welcome to the western world where all services are expensive.. :)

Enjoy your time.. and have loads of fun..

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Sri,

Welcome to my blog! :) Thank you, i got the curtains here in Paris. No reason to be J, am sure you will come here someday too...who knows? I didnt expect to live in Paris either...

Pretty Woman said...


absolutely, am adopting exercising for sure!

Pretty Woman said...

hey SR!
I know...except i doubt if they know the meaning of 'customer service'..i guess this is true for almost any part of the world!

asha said...

Your posts are really enjoyable. Kind of a mirror to life in Paris. Enjoy yourself.......

here it is!!!! said...

the way you are describing Pareee, I may stop by for a long visit madaam :)
I am in Florida for vacation and absolutely enjoying :)

Pretty Woman said...

Hey asha,

Your first comment here!! I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog...well, about Paris...that's the idea! :)

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Revathi,

You are most welcome :) ...and can you tell me why you are reading my blog on your holiday? go enjoy yourself woman!!

...and I tried commenting on your blog several throws an error..move to blogspot or wordpress!

jayaram said...

Another difference---In Paris is all singular,high funda and easy, but India ia multilingual, simple and confusing. Complexities of the two cities/civilizations.

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Jayaram,

You are absolutely right!! People here find India very diverse and fascinating!

I went for a dinner and there was a guy who came up to me and said ' you are like, from the real INDIA - INDIA? I was very amused and confirmed that yes the REAL India :-)

jayaram said...

Always be proud to be an Indian. A unique identity.