Monday, November 10, 2008


Wondering what SUPW is?? Well, back in school, we used to have a period dedicated to SUPW, which means Socially Useful and Productive Work. We would all do some craft work with glue and other little shiny stuff...and we did pretty well. Over the weekend, I did the same thing as S was watching cricket and I wanted to give him at least some time, before I demand that he switch channels!! :D So I did some craft work in my pet-project, my teeny little garden!!!

1. Took some random stones and stuck it on the mutka which we don't get to use!

2. Rearranged the rack to include a night-lamp that we don't use!

3. Stuck the un-used sunflowers which do not float anymore for some reason unknown to me, on the wall.

4. Stuck some blue stones on the clay-uruli amma got me, when we all went to a home decor exhibition in Pune and put some floating flowers in it.

5. Took our magazine rack and put it up on the wall.

Even if i say so myself, I am mighty pleased with it!!! :D


Holy Ash said...

Hey, nw u got a solution 2 another of my probs..y didnt my head work in this direction? DO i feviquik my non-floating lotuses up? will they stick? Was longing 2 do somethng creative wid the beautiful thngs...

Pretty Woman said...

hey babes,
Yup, you can!! You can also use double-sided tape...that way it wont ruin the wall either!

Just call me 'A' said...

you've done some really useful stuff there. i like the sunflower. i remember we had rename SUPW as "some useful period wasted" in school :)

Pretty Woman said...

Hey A,
Thank you :-) ha ha ha I had a good laugh over that....hopped over to your blog, interesting perspective...will come back for more..

Anonymous said...

hey pw:

are you also a kv product?

- s.b. (came here from terri's)

Pretty Woman said...

Hey s.b,

Yes, I am an out and and out K.V. product, am sure you got that from the word 'SUPW'. :) Welcome to my blog! I guess we are birds of the same flock that way?