Tuesday, February 13, 2007


What you see is what you get!!!! Its very true when it comes to me!! I have no hidden meaning in my words and actions. I am very outspoken! I am hyper-sensitive, am extremely emotional. I get hurt very easily. Period.

S used to tell me very often, that "you dont get hurt, unless you let yourself to be"! And i was like, Yeah! would know if someone was hurtful to you. But now I have realized that it IS possible to shut out the negative vibrations you get from people by simply ignoring them. Just dont give them so much importance to have the power to hurt you. Sometimes, people are so ignorant that they dont even realize that their words are hurting someone. I try and be as positive as possible. It really helps.

When I am upset or disturbed, i just listen to good music, it has a wonderfully calming effect. It also helps not to think about anything too much. Just take life as it comes, who knows, it might hold a plethora of joy and for all you know, you are missing the simple pleasures in life, at present!!! :-)

I love life and all those people who share it with me...Cheers to optimists!!! :D


Raaga said...

we talked about it too... no one can hurt you without your permission :)

Unknown said...

When you shut out the world, see that u dont shut out the positive with the negative...oops! so much for being called 'saraswati'!!!! :D