Friday, February 9, 2007

Are you tactful??!!

What has this world come to?? Do any of us bother to think before we speak??....I am baffled by a few who remain absolutely tactless!!! They just say whatever pops into their minds...rather mouths!! However, detached or balanced or practical or say what you want, s/he is bound to get hurt by insinuating comments or words or actions.

When i hear someone making hurtful comments to a friend or someone I know, I wonder how many times I have done that unknowingly or knowingly. I feel BAD. I do know how inconsiderate people can be, and how hurting it is when somebody speaks to you without giving a thought to the other's reactions or feelings.

What is a topic of discussion or gossip or time pass for one, might be a vulnerable aspect of another's life. I dont mean to be a prude and say that you cant just have fun or be witty. Just dont go over the top, to the point of offending the "subject", so to speak!

So, another step towards being a better person....Be Considerate of other's feelings. Try not to offend anyone by your actions or words!!


Tim said...

Good advice for everyone, treat others as you would like to be treated.

Raaga said...
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Raaga said...

Put yourself in the other's shoes... something we forget... there's no such thing as learning this lesson too many times

lipstick said...

Yup tactless is what most of us are and yes I guess we all need to constantly keep working at...