Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Instant Pick-me-ups!!!

  • Mann vaasanai ( the smell of earth,immediately after it rains!)
  • Warm embraces from amma/appa
  • Snuggling up with S
  • To see S after a long day at work!
  • Wet kisses from babies
  • Compliments from anybody about how good I look ( narcissist, you say, of course I am!)
  • Hear a child's full-throated laughter ( its genuine and innocent, no pretence)
  • Long chats with close friends over the phone/chat/e-mail, anything will do
  • Old photographs of childhood memories
  • S giving me loving smiles when I am in my 'crazy' moods
  • Mindlessly fooling around with S ( dirty minds, just harmless little games we invent!)
  • Get ready and go to school/college, only to find that it is closed
  • Getting up late in the morning that there is no office to rush to, puts me in a super mood
  • Reading M&Bs, mindless reading relaxes me where its a perfect world and loads of romance ( I am a die-hard mushy romantic to the core!)
  • Soaked up in water (Besant nagar beach)
  • Loads of attention, especially from good looking and witty guys ( those were the days... :D, now I have that from my one and only dude!!)
  • Thayir sadam, vetha kuzhambu and urulakizhangu roast
  • Nice haircut /hairstyle
  • Anything new ....clothes, ear rings, shoes, artefact, new curtains, nailpolish, anything insignificant but new!
  • Rasamalai, chocolates with nuts and icecreams ( all should be fat-free, if that's possible!)
  • Lots of cool water ( really, water lifts my spirits)


Raaga said...

You do get fat free ice cream now... from Amul... try it :)

janani said...

hey raaga, thanks for the info...none of the guys here still have it in their shops :(