Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tangents mode!

That's how i would describe my thoughts and sometimes, the way I speak. 'Random thoughts' are what I have in my mind...I have so much to say or pen down that when i actually sit down to write them....there are so many that finally i cant remember what i wanted to say. Even when i talk to someone, I am gushing with so much to say that I tend to speak in tangents, and even say so!!!

Sometimes, I wonder if I am the only one, who is so gung-ho about self-respect? I am very outspoken. I have always been...I cant imagine myself doing or saying something in fear! I dont mean to say I am fearless...I do have my fears of say, insects or yucky stuff, rejection, disappointment, anger. But I am never scared to speak my mind. I am not scared about what someone will think of me, if i say this? NO! And I have learnt that if you stick to your principles and beliefs, even if people make fun of you or ridicule you in person, sub-consciously they will respect you for it. If they refuse to do so, I believe it is their loss, and will someday, learn to accept an individual as an indivudual ( by the way, 'An individual is an individual' is something i say very often!)

I have also learnt the hard way round that you cannot please everyone!!! After a point of time, it is YOUR life! YOU have to make your choices and own up to your mistakes! You cannot live life on other's terms. As long as you dont hurt someone intentionally and your conscience is clear, its important to do or speak what you feel.I dont mean to generalise, but to a large extent, women look for approval from everyone about everything and everyone in their lives. Of course, certain important decisions in life need to be made in consent with your loved ones. But to live a life of constant approval from someone can take its toll on you , both physically and emotionally. I find it exasperating to see such people in life and you can slowly see my foot moving towards my mouth... :D


Raaga said...

"I have also learnt the hard way round that you cannot please everyone!!!" You hit the nail on the head there. At the end of the day, if you are happy, that is a good thing. WHen you go all out to please others, they will always find fault with something else that you didn't do... so why bother :)