Monday, December 18, 2006

How much is too much??

Have you ever known anyone who is contented with everything and everyone in their lives? We always want more...out of everything and everyone. At every stage in life, I have wanted more or something different after achieving what i wanted. When i was a kid, like everyone else, all I wanted was to be all grown up and become an independant woman...and now its vice versa! :-) What to do, I am human! :-P

I have always thought myself to be a contented person, honestly speaking I am not! And most of the times, I want this and that, and that they say "I want to have the cake and eat it too". I cant imagine how some enlightened souls write off material comforts as an illusion that we mere mortals live in. When i look at lovely clothes, beautiful jewellery, a lovely house, some tasteful furniture, lovely curtains...the list goes on and on...I go berseck! I prefer being a mere mortal in that

Our mind or the heart, which ever is applicable, is insatiable and always wants it material things or from people in a relationship. S once told me that "To love someone is to love them as they are and as they are NOT". But are we able to do that? We want to change that person into someone we want them to be!

I am no feminist, and I strongly endorse the fact that certain things are meant to be done by men and some by women, due to physiological reasons but nothing else! But i cant simply stand comments like ( mostly from men!) that "Oh! How gossipy and bitchy women are!" Puuhlllleeeez...I know so many men who are extremely bitchy and forever wanting some juicy gossip. How an individual behaves is dependant on how s/he is reared, not on whether a man or woman...

Three cheers to individualism!!!! :-)


pre_one said...

If you want somthing it only means that you have not had enough of it. So no point in feeling guilty bt it! Pppl who say they dont want anything material are either enlightened or r lying!!

So chill and enjoy!!