Sunday, December 3, 2006

Gappa Bas....(Shut Up)!!

If you know me personally, you would exactly say 'shut up' to me in whatever language you are familiar with!!! Coz i am someone who talks non-stop....absolutely endless conversations are generally associated with me! To keep quiet is to my world! :-)

S has been away on official trips and I am alone at home on weekends...I have so much time with me that i really cant figure out what to do with it! How long can i watch TV or read a book or clean the house?? But I have slowly started enjoying being alone....I dont believe in solitude or any sort of introspection, but i hate to admit that this time alone has done me a lot of good..I feel much calmer and surprisingly positive!

Even if i say so myself, I have evolved as a the sense that I can fairly judge people now, dont voice my opinion on all and sundry unnecessarily and I have begun to accept that life is full of ups and downs and its very important to enjoy both phases with the same intensity and have a sense of balance! Of basic nature cannot change but i can atleast learn to neutralize extreme emotions.
Cheers to me!!!!!!! :-) Narcissist you say??? I care a damn! A friend of mine told me that I appear as such as confident personality that it can be intimidating to a in any case, you think i am arrogant and why make an effort?? :D


SV said...

narcissist! gappa bas