Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why do you want to know??...and smile... :)

This is my defence mechansim ( thanks to my mom!, that's how she handles people!)devised for nosy people when I dont want to answer their personal (read nosy) questions. I agree that people are different, but sadly some of them do not think twice before they ask something. For example, there was this new girl who joined recently at work, and the first question she asks me is "so...did you have an arranged/love marriage"...I answer that...and her next question is "When do you plan to have kids??!!"...I am like ..."what the hell !!??!!"....even my MIL thinks twice before she asks me that! Lots of people, sadly most of them are Indians, do not know when to stop and end up getting snubbed /ignored/ disliked for being so nosy and interfering. When I had just got married, I had one of satya's distant aunt visiting us. We were just moving in, so we were in the process of putting together all our stuff, arranging the bed and things like that....She gives us a lot of gyan about how we should position our bed, in which direction, so on and so forth...S and I were like....uh...excuse me??!! Infact I should plead GUILTY, coz the minute someone says they had a love marraige...the next question I ask, is "tell me your story!" !! I just cant help myself, I find it extremely romantic and exciting to hear love stories.. :D . But of course, I am sure I know that person well enough to ask that. There is this another aspect that lots of people are interested in knowing, is how much you earn? I have met so many people who come up with various methods to extract the information! We used to have a neighbour who would ask my brother "so how much do you earn pa? is it a 5 figure or 6 figure...just tell me that" Just something 'light' I wanted to share :-)


r3flux said...

ahh.. the quintessential nosy indian bitches n bastards.. I see u have made the acquaintance :X kill 'em all... grrrr!! somebody stop me b4 i turn in2 a rabid dog.. i hate nosy ppl who think its their frickin birthright to question my very existence in society.. i mean i'd be more comfortable with ppl asking me the size of my member than 'what do u do for a living? how much salary? when u marrying? why not takeover family biz?.. aaargh! oh btw its me r!tz :)