Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Glass Fixation!

.... I am thankful that I still have this fixation! I went for a 1-day workshop to learn glass painting somewhere far away in our city, for which my darling husband graciously drove me over to the class...waited almost half the day just roaming around and then came back to pick me up! He is the sweetest!!

Since then, I have worked on various projects at different phases of my life...and they all adorn walls of some friends and their beautiful homes, including my parents! After I had Baby Girl, I didn't have much time to myself. So the glass painting didn't happen that I have some "me time", I have begun to work on new projects. Here's a complete framed one...and I am working on another in the same "garden" theme!

One of my friends noticed this...if you look closely, it looks like there is a smiling face in the centre. I honestly didn't paint with the face in mind...the colours and branches are in a such a way that it appears so, with a smirk!