Friday, June 5, 2015


It is 3 a.m. at night...S and I are fast asleep. With Baby Girl being to hyperactive, we just need to hit the bed and we are already asleep! Anyway, we don't realize that she has woken up...has climbed down across the bed from her crib and walked down to the door...the door is closed and I can hear her wailing.

I struggle to firstly open my eyes and hurriedly look for the light and put it on. She comes running to me wailing, and says "I love -li you Amma ( I love you Amma!)" repeatedly. I am widely awake and aware from my comatose state now. I am smiling now and laughingly hug my little darling!

Of course, I love you too, my little darling heart...I love you with ALL my heart! 


Gowri said...

Such a lovely thing Janani! You have such a wonderful daughter! :)