Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baby Girl's Midnight Shenanigans!

It is really late at night, when you are in a comatose state and floating between your dream world and the real when I hear a loud "thwaaack!"! I don't really hear a reaction and I touch Baby Girl to check and she seems at peace, fully asleep. So I go back to my dream world from which I woke up half-halfheartedly anyway!

In the morning, while S and I enjoy our cup of coffee and tea respectively, I ask him if he heard the "thwaaack" too and what it could have been? Meanwhile, Baby Girl saunters in with her usual demands of a "huggie"( where she will cling to me like a koala bear for a full 10-15 mins and sleep on my shoulder or lap) or her morning dose of cartoons for maybe half hour, after which she needs to get ready for the bus to go to play group.

S relates to me about what happened, in reality. Since the A/C was on, he was trying to cover Baby Girl with the blanket ( she always manages to kick off the blanket and sleeps in the cold!) which she whacked him on his chest!!!! 

When we asked her why she hit appa, she says "He was taking my Amma's monkey na? isiliye maine maaraa!!! ( That's why she hit him!)...Her first blanket had a monkey on it. Since then all blankets are monkeys!!!

I laughed out loud and kept relating the incident to friends and family! She is such a nutty little child and fills our lives with a lot of fun, excitement and surprises galore especially for S! ;-)