Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life is so much better now!

Further to this, I came across this...and my faith in love and romance is restored! :P. Just looking at him and the movies he acted in, brings back fond memories when he made such an optimistic, positive influence in my life. Really.

As a dreamy teenager with swift mood swings and an extra sensitive nature, just listening or watching a song he featured in, or dreaming that I married him - and it was good enough to uplift my mood. It is the idea of a man like Arvindswamy, that makes me get all excited and happy - his great looks, sophistication, sexy voice, his dreamy eyes, suaveness and my ability to imagine a tall man as a loving, caring and intelligent person. Yes, I am obsessed with height especially along with men. They MUST be tall. If Arvindswamy was short, he would not appeal to me in the least ( not that he cares!) or even if he smoked, i would be put off...but its nice to dream about "arvindswamy" in all his perfection. The beautiful music and the ambience adds to his charm.

There is no way our paths may cross at fact, even if I meet him, i doubt i will behave like a sappy fan - its just not who I am! I think I am more in love with the concept of being love rather than being in love itself.

As I read this, I sound very silly and child-like to the extent of sounding very immature. Nevertheless, now that I am a grown woman - a happily married woman, a mother and all that jazz yet this is a space in my mind, where i fantasize about the perfect man - i am the little girl - in awe of this beautiful person.