Friday, July 3, 2015

The Little People's First Giveaway!

We are taking baby steps towards promoting our brand and announcing our first giveaway! The rules of the giveaway are pretty simple, a few clicks and sharing - you are sorted!

1. Like our page on Facebook:
2. Share our page link: on your timeline.
3. Comment "Done" on this post.

By next Friday (10th June, 2015), we will announce the winner randomly. The winner gets an exclusive dress or shirt personalized for your little girl or boy ( we will work on the design and customize it to the size of the winner's child). The child has to be in the age group 0- 12 years.

Wishing you guys all the luck! Spread the love! :-)

Best Wishes
The Little People


Lakshmi said...


Vibhuti Bhandarkar said...

I think you knew I'd be here to type 'DONE' at the drop of a hat! ;) <3 your team ...

Monirupa Shete said...

Instant Like :D

Abhimanyu said...