Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mixing and Matching Fashionably!

You can never have enough of clothes or shoes, right? Right! But sometimes, I have too many things unused and some of my favorite pieces get lost in all the excess! So I decided  to mix it up and wear things differently. 
Anyway, here's what I do, so that I can "maximize the potential and value" of my clothes and persona! ;)

I bought these really inexpensive singlets in the U.K in fiery red and a mellow biege, which I pair with this sort of translucent top with sleeves, and it gives it a nice retro vibe and spices the top!
I also picked up these skirts in cotton and knits to use them in summer and winters respecitvely, that look great when paired with flip flops or boots, depending on the season!

Cargo skirts are apparently in vogue, I didn't even realize I had picked one until I saw one in Vogue later ;) The "cargo" tag comes from the fact that the skirt has large pockets on either side of the skirt. (not clearly seen in the picture!)

With stockings or leggings, they make a style statement in winters! I am very fond of waist coats and tend to pair them with a plain simple top. It not only adds pizzazz to an otherwise boring sweater, but also adds warmth in the cold! By combining different garments to make different outfits, you can also save space during travel.

Cowl neck tops double up as a top and as a scarf during winter! I bought this top with the same idea, however it turned out to be a short one! 

So I wore it with a sweater and again, here's an interesting way to mix n match and "maxi" mize! So you can give the scarf or stole a miss, and in this case, black and white is monochromatic and goes well with almost all dark colors! I paired it with a pencil skirt and dialled down on the "formal" tone.


Srija Padmnanabhan (Chickoo) said...

Jannu, You look super slim and sexy in the snaps. My fav is the first snap

Pretty Woman said...

thank you made my day! :) I work really hard on it!

SR said...

Love your style lady..:)When are you coming to shop with me..

Pretty Woman said...

:) Anytime! You should visit Paris soon...