Friday, November 11, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Organizing - OCO!

Being married to S, has brought a big change in me...and that is, from being someone not too organized, I have become obsessed with organizing and keeping everything in order! Be it my clothes, accessories or maquillage! ;)

For a long time now, I have been looking for a proper dressing table coz all my costume jewellery, skin care stuff, my precious make up and everything else is scattered in the bathroom, bedroom and in every nook and corner possible! I wanted it all in one place, and where I can actually find things when I want to wear something!  

I searched for a dressing table everywhere and it was either too expensive, too big or not something I was looking for! Finally, S came up with this brilliant idea to combine this that I already have, buy a similar storage unit, and simply combine it - it totally worked! Everything fits into it. And the bonus is that, it looks colourful, feminine and really MY style! :) As I blog about it, I realize it has gone through many improvisations! It worked out financially too well...coz it was really inexpensive and hence we are in consumer surplus status! :D

The quirky stool was something I bought on a whim, but it fits really well with the entire setup now. Isn't it cute?

I have looked heaven and earth to find a suitable stand for all my earrings! Finally, I found this on and the cosmetic-jewellery-junkie in me, is finally at peace! :D They take at least 3 weeks to deliver, but I was sold out on the free shipping policy and the fact that the prices are bloody cheap.

The rate at which I am buying Buddha figurines, our home will soon be called "The Buddha Home", coz including this one we have 3 already!

On our weekend trip to Bruges of all places, we found this epitome of calm and tranquility in Belgium! The texture of the stone is unique and the facial expression is of utmost importance to me. S loved it too and I promised that I would lug it around wherever we go, but I WANT it! :)

I am loving the fact that peace and calm reigns in every corner of our home now, literally and figuratively! Can you feel it too? :)


Chandra said...

thats a nice post....if only i can get this on to wife is very very organised and is also making me feel the same. i guess very soon i will also be like this...

Pretty Woman said...


:) It is always good to learn from the good things in your partner!

Chickoo said...

Cool post! I should order one of those stands, my 7 year old has also started wearing my earrings now, so we need one like that :). I ordered a few jewellery from Chahat and loved them. I also ordered 2 sarees from cbazaar, they do have a decent collection!

Vidya said...

I love the earrings stand. I got one from Container store and love it!

I am in love with your peaceful home!


Pretty Woman said...


I am glad my blog post could help in some way...that IS the idea :)

Pretty Woman said...


thank aussi! :)