Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Accessorizing intelligence!

I love wearing different accessories and I feel it adds zing to your personality. Now that winter is here to stay, I wear dark colours and full sleeved sweaters and tops, and long chains, necklaces and pendants add some colour to a plain garment! Remember that the focus is on the chain or necklace that makes a "statement", which means you have to tone down on everything else! :)

I have noticed these cute "owl pendants" a lot on many fashionable women....but they  all looked the same, and I didn't want to be added to the common crowd! 

But one afternoon, before work, I planned to meet a friend for quick catch-up and some coffee. I arrived early at our meeting point, so I browsed around and found these lovely statement necklaces AND they were on sale ( only the one with the pearls was a bargain)!

The owl pendant in a crystal is something I have never seen, and it was really unique, pretty and MINE! Bien sûr, it has to be!  Right?

I wore it to work and my colleague made a comment that its a symbolic representation of intelligence and knowledge in Greek mythology! :) I was intrigued and googled it to find that its absolutely cool is that?

It reads that in Greek mythology, the owl, and specifically the Little Owl, was often associated with the Greek goddess Athena, a bird goddess who often assumed the form of an owl. Athena was also the goddess of wisdom, the Arts, and skills, and as a result, owls also became symbols of teaching and of institutions of learning, being included in the crest of arms of many universities. In the Western world, owls continue to be traditionally associated with wisdom. They are the unofficial mascot of the high-IQ...

I have a big stand that holds a variety of these statement necklaces now, and they do make any dull garment interesting and make me all charged up as well...who needs diamonds and rubies? :)


Srija Padmnanabhan (Chickoo) said...

Those are some real cool pieces. I almost bought one from Bangalore airport, but held back thinking owl is not a good symbol. Now, I have the facts in place and can get one when I see sometime.

Pretty Woman said...


:) Thanks and I can imagine thinking like that too...

Li'l L said...

I love owls, esp after Harry Potter...can't help it! Whenever i see a owl accessory i am reminded of how Hedwig(Harry's owl) saved him from Voldemort!

Pretty Woman said...


:) I am more of a "Lord of the Rings" person! :) I have not watched Harry Potter (gasp?) :)