Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amsterdam, you were gorgeous!

As you already know, I celebrated my 30th birthday and the weekend in Amsterdam! Contrary to what I have often heard about Amsterdam being more popular for its kinky sex shops and red light districts, I saw a more beautiful and amazing side of the city! Its like a dream to walk through the city, with its smiling and friendly people ( most important factor always!), beautiful canals, boat cruises,an absolutely wide variety of different towers I have ever seen....I could just go on! I felt I could'nt get enough of this city and actually wanted to go back another time, which is a first!

The weather was pretty chilly and windy so after a long day of wandering, the houseboat was a haven of warmth and comfort to unwind and relax every evening! I was pleasantly surprised to talk to the owner (Jan), who had travelled extensively all over India! I felt nice to be welcomed to flowers and cake ( courtesy S's preparations) and some good wine and a card from the owner! ( Though he speaks in English, the card was in Dutch)...a very sweet gesture, coz I am practically a stranger to him.

Amsterdam was full of surprises coz I do love to visit Museums but not for hours together! They had a unique concept for a Museum of Bags and Purses!!! I was definitely intrigued and told S that I was really excited about going there. The place did'nt disappoint one bit, every woman's dream come true! They have bags dating from the 15th and 16th century till date. It was really interesting to learn the history of Bags since the days of yore and how it has evolved over the years! ( you are not allowed to click pictures, so I just got the entrance to the Museum!). I definitely recommend it as a MUST visit when you go to Amsterdam!

Another MUST-visit was the gorgeous Diamond Museum, a woman's delight. I could'nt have enough of all the gorgeous glitter and sparkling diamonds everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that diamonds were first found only in India and also that 60 percent of tulips are found in the Himalayan regions in India! Ironically, Amsterdam is world renowned for tulips and diamonds and I have never seen Tulips anywhere in India - strange that! I swelled with pride when the 'History of Diamonds' began with this pride-inducing fact! My country is indeed blessed with so many wonderful things, pity we don't market it as well as the Western world. (Some beautiful tiaras and crowns to drool over!). Everwhere in the Museum walls, there were captions that read " Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" - so true!

I must add, a trip to Amsterdam was definitely a gorgeous way to turn 30! Thank you S!! I will always remember this birthday. Bring it on, I am gonna have so much fun in my 30's than the 20's, if this trip is any indication of what is in store for me...


Shruthi said...

Such a cool 30th birthday celebration NAICE! :-D

I want to travel too! *pouts*

SV said...

you're welcome, honey!
btw, its not so much about us not marketing India well but moe about allowing others to exploit what is rightfully ours and give us a "small percentage" in return...

Pretty Woman said...


:-) I know, Why pouting? You still have time to get to 30, right? It will happen....wherever you want to go, it will happen!!

Pretty Woman said...


Well, that too....but I feel sad that we don't market as well as the West, when we have sooo much!!!

SR said...

Hey PW..
A great way of turning 30.. and now I know where to go when I plan Amsterdam.. :)

Lovely boat house too.. Good one..!

Pretty Woman said...


:) You should go to the Van Gogh Museum and the flower market too!! You should also go on a boat cruise which we missed for lack of time!

Chandra said...

have fun babe...u have always been special and this does not come as a have fun and njoy all the pamperings....;-)

Pretty Woman said...


MY GOD! A comment from you? No wonder it became warmer here... :)

Thank you means a lot to me, coming from you!!