Thursday, March 18, 2010

Commute on the Metro...

...It takes a little more than half-hour to reach place of work....and its an experience in itself every single day!

Initially, I found it really wierd that people ( especially Paris) are really morose, hardly ever smile and are generally grumpy.Now, I guess I have got used to it and find different ways to amuse myself, like looking at interesting shoes the women wear, hairstyles, fashionable (sometimes look ridiculous to me!) earrings, piercings....I can watch people like forever and not get bored. Of course, on most days good music and books give me company on the train. Anyway, one such day on the Metro filled with morose people, there was this beautiful baby with the most beautiful blue-grey eyes, laughing and gurgling away....the people in the train are so quiet and self-absorbed that her gurgles could be heard clearly.
I could see a tiny smile creep in....I got down with a smile!

In the Concorde, Opera and few other Metro stations, IKEA has come up with an innovative idea! In front of all big posters of IKEA, there are colorful couches installed and people just plop down in comfort, to the extent that they even miss the trains deliberately. I am tempted too but am always rushing to work at the last minute, so I can't stop like that. The couches bring a smile on my face too!
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A few days back, a blind person entered the train with this beautiful furry dog (guide-dog) just like Kaspar! The way he sat down with such an air of majesty and looked at me with his gorgeous eyes, my eyes welled up in tears. I surprised myself coz I grew up with a morbid fear of dogs and Kaspar has changed my attitude towards dogs. I look at them with the same affection with which I look at babies. Cats still creep me out and I miss Kaspar big time! I never thought I would feel this way...


Vibhuti B said...

Aww Janaa this is yet another cute post from you..People should learn to catch a whiff of LIFE from you between busy schedules..All the anecdotes were so sweet..And yes the couches seem cool!

Pretty Woman said...


:-) I am glad you liked it! I am not sure I am very lively all the time....but I try to be optimistic most of the times! And also its not so difficult to smile, is it?

Vidya said...

Janani, this is a cute post. I can quickly relate to how I feel when I am in the Subway here in New York and see seriousness all around me!

My brother has a Golden Retriever, Checkers. He is the most adorable dog that I have ever come across. I learned that I am dog lover only after I came in contact with Checkers. He is so much in love with human contact that he would sit on top of me. He used to have a large bed for himself in the living room and he would absolutely love it when I snuggle in the bed with him. He chews on the bone, snuggling next to me while I read my book, snuggling right next to him. Aww, we made a cute couple! :D Or rather he added the cuteness to the couple!

Pretty Woman said...


awwwwww....that is such a cute story....thank you for sharing! :-) Dogs are absolutely adorable indeed! They don't ask for much but love and drool over your food, that's all! ;-)

Vasu said...

Paris metro, and Paris transport is the most frigging confusing thing I have been on anywhere. But it does lend itself for experiences and narratives like this.


Pretty Woman said...