Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am a girl's girl who likes shopping, Chick-lit movies, books while S is a guy's guy who likes video games, Formula One and gadgets. But there are a few things we have in common and if there is something we both definitely enjoy - C'est FRIENDS!

If you know me personally, you would know that I am an ardent fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, like many other similar-minded people I know! I have the entire series of DVDs at home ( courtesy S!)....and it never fails to cheer me up every single time! I guess its so easy to relate to each of the characters that makes it so enjoyable, be it their frustrations or misgivings about succeeding in Life, Men or having children or simply having fun together at each other's expense...I have often yearned to have a group like that, with whom you can just be yourself and also have fun together...when you don't always need to be on guard!

I don't think that its not entirely impossible either! I guess, we are always competing with each other to succeed in your career or you have a new relationship or you are in a different city or country or it could be just about anything that keeps you away from your close friends....and slowly, though you keep in touch on and off on drift apart! There are times when I meet someone for the first time and connect on so many levels or there is instant laughter that reminds me of the same bond I shared with a good friend some time back...which did'nt really continue forever, sadly!

Having said that, I can proudly say that I have a few people in my life with whom I can just share whatever I feel. I don't have to do a once-over before saying anything! ( I am sorry if people who don't follow FRIENDS can't relate to this...) but...there is an episode where Rachel and Pheobe share that how they are jealous about Monica's awesome relationship with Chandler on a scale of 80-20! They keep wondering if they will ever have someone like that in their life. I just loved it that the raw human emotion - jealousy, was portrayed so well....I could understand where they came from! Let's face it, we all feel jealous or envious at some point of time in life, including me! Its more of a fear if I will ever have that than jealousy or probably just insecurity.....I think! Its reassuring that I have a few friends (...and all these people know who I mean!) including Amma, to whom I can frankly say it out loud that I felt a negative emotion that time....and just vent! That's it...that chapter is over...sorta thing! ....

I am so glad that S and I are the best of friends! It really helps that I have a best friend for life, who will forever be with me and vice versa! I know it sounds cliche, but its true! Just the other day, on the Metro, I saw this really handsome guy, maybe 6-5"? ( I have a thing for tall men!) and after some time, he came and sat next to me and gave me a smile as I got down in my stop! I did a little jig in my mind! I came home and related this to S, while we both made dinner....and I did'nt even think twice what he would think or feel...coz I know he knows me! We feel very secure about each other and its absolutely fine to openly discuss and tease each other too!

Then it struck me, I may not have friends in the same format as is on the FRIENDS show, but the essence remains the same! Essentially, I have a few great friends who are non-judgemental, loving and always waiting and ready to pull a leg anytime! Of course, friends within the family is a BLESSING not many people have, now don't get jealous! ;-)


Shruthi said...

Think you're expecting too much with the no jealousy thing! :P

I love Friends and I remember that episode. I love how I cry/laugh/sigh every time I watch an episode, because I know that the next time I watch it something would have happened in my life for me to relate to the emotions they're feeling...

As for that for-life friend, well I'm waiting for him. :)

Pretty Woman said...

;-) absolutely spot on!! I hope you meet your life-friend pretty soon! :)

Anil P said...

We tend to be on guard because we choose to be so, maybe it becomes a habit over time, like a hangover from a corporate kind of living and communicating.

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Anil,

You are right....did'nt think of it that way....its sad that we always need to be on guard! Wish things were simpler....everything would be so much easier...BTW, you are a new visitor...thanks for stopping by!