Monday, September 21, 2009

Paati, my darling Paati!

If there is someone I love more than my parents, it has to be Paati ( my mother's mother). She is no more, she lived up to the age of 85, but I have such wonderful memories of her. In my growing years, she was everything to me; my mother, my friend, my confidante,my inspiration. Its funny that I can never picture her with teeth or as a young woman coz she has always been my 'Paati' .

She would cry if Appa disciplined me, make awesome crisp rava dosa sitting on a stool, sit with me and serve food as soon as I return from school when she was at the ripe old age of 82 or 83, let me in on my mom's dark secrets ;-). A wonderful human being, very intelligent and smart in every sense despite her limited education. I would often wonder how she would have excelled if she was allowed to continue her education or if she was not married so early at the age of 13 and had to bear 10 children, while being strong enough to bear the loss of 5 children in the process...She would often relate interesting anecdotes about her childhood, wedding and I would listen with rapt attention and be transported to a different period altogether.

She had a great sense of humour and we would all ask her in English how she was doing...depending on how she was feeling she would either say 'fine' or 'pain'! ( phonetically they sound similar) :-) It brings a smile on my face even now. She would have been very happy to meet S or to see how happily married I am and revelled in my little successes. I am sure her blessings are with me; I feel it when she often appears in my dreams.

She lived a very hard life albeit filled with loads of love and happiness. I wish she could have lived to seen all her children doing well and enjoyed some comforts too. But I remember we were all there with her during her last days; singing to her and laughing with her. She was a wonderful soul who was loved and respected by everyone who knew her and that is what really matters. She will forever remain etched in my memory. I love you with all my heart Patti! You have given me the most wonderful mother, have'nt you? I am sure Amma thinks of her mother often and misses her too.

I think every grandchild shares a very special bond with their grandparents and vice versa.
Grandparents enjoy their time with their grandkids more coz they are not burdened with the need to discipline them or worry about their future and responsibilities. Paati and Amma are the most wonderful and strong women in my life; who inspire me to be a better person in every sense. ( I am sure it is for a lot of other people too).


homecooked said...

Nice tribute PW :) It reminded me of my granny! I used to quite short with her but we used to have loads of fun! Her life was very tough but she had some interesting stories to tell :)

Pretty Woman said...


:-) I think of her so very often now....I am glad I got to spend some time with her indeed...your granny sounds like fun too!!

SR said...

Nice one .. Pretty Woman!
This made me remember my Dodda(grandmother) as well.. :)

Pretty Woman said...


:-) Do blog about it if you remember them...