Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not so opinionated anymore!

...which is such a big deal for me! Coz I have an opinion about EVERYTHING and I have to say it! Things have changed, I have changed very consciously...I don't express myself too much or give my opinion openly now. Its such a relief coz I can avoid so many unnecessary conversations and it saves all the effort you need to make! Also, in any situation or argument, the people involved always think they are right which includes me. So from the beginning, there is no point to an argument or a point of view. You are competing with each other to convince who is right, anyway? So does your opinion matter unless asked for? Nope. Nada. Zilch.

So I find that if you keep quiet you can focus your efforts /thoughts/ mind on so many other positive things or do things/interact for/with people who really matter. You don't always need to have the last word, you know? Time and again, I have mentioned how difficult it is for me to stay quiet and not talk all the time. Now I am starting to really enjoy the calm self and wonder why I did'nt do it earlier? I guess, you learn and unlearn a lot of things over time, experiences and grow mature?
I am extremely emotional and temperamental. I often react quickly to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! THAT has changed...not radically, but I have begun to understand that some people and some things never change and there is no point reacting to them. There is no point diginifying it with an answer or reaction. You give them a chance, but if it does not work out, there is no point simply move on....Just don't look back. My family and well meaning friends have already told me this a number of times, but I guess I had to feel it myself for me to move on.

I am not hurt or upset anymore, I truly believe that some people do not deserve my attention or reaction anymore! PERIOD.

On a different note, I have started doing Yoga for about an hour everyday, with a friend. We practice along with a CD and I am happy with my flexibility. The pranayama, meditation and the Aasanas have already made so much difference in me. I have always believed in Yoga and so long, I lacked discipline and the time with a full-time job. Now that I work from home and I have company, it is so wonderful to resume and I am happy with the results. My friend is as motivated and we are planning to start Pilates next month! I must have the willpower and discipline to continue come what may! You don't understand the importance of health until you lose it! :-)


techpsyche said...

Looks like we will have a Maatha Jananadmayee soon, are you planning to become a saint??

Anyways on a serious note, i feel you are taking life a lil serious. Its a good thing to control your mind and body but controlling it too much may lead to other issues.

I don't know if I can say this but some statement of yours in this post still reflects some negative energy.(for example, I am not hurt or upset anymore, I truly believe that some people *do not* deserve my attention or reaction anymore! PERIOD.) It shows that you were angry on someone for some reason before which is still accumulated inside you. I am not sure if I am correct but these are just my 2 cents!!

Pretty Woman said...


ha ha ha....not at all, I am totally enjoying myself and life as always...except I am trying to condition myself not to bother with the small things in life...

You are welcome to be frank and I am glad you you have mentioned here...I added that statement coz then I would have some other friends asking me if i am angry/upset with them....I didnt want that, so just to clarify that point, I mentioned that...there is no negativity...I am trying to 'let go' of things that keep me down...I don't want 'little things' to bother me anymore...writing it here is an affirmation to myself! :-)

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