Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mon affaire a La Mode!

is indeed a girl's dream come true! When I step out, I am simply agog with all the variety of shoes, make up (sometimes absolutely bizarre too), different styles of scarves and stoles, skirts...and the list goes on.....there is never a dull moment! If I am waiting for a friend, its even better! I have never wanted to wait longer! ;-)
I have noticed here that people, every single man or woman take pride in his/her appearance and are absolutely well-turned out wherever you go! Of course, there are times when I am aghast when I see 'senior citizens' wear ridiculous (read short sleazy looking) clothes. Summers are all about 'free expression' literally!

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But as we all know, there is always an exception to everything, isnt it? Even if I may say so myself that I have a good dress sense, all this grooming around me forces me to be reasonably well-dressed at all times. ( Like I needed an excuse!!). In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see a chain of shops called 'Diwali' and they sell pretty interesting stuff ranging from colorful, chic stoles to earrings and artifacts and they are obviously from India. I get cheap thrills everytime I look at one, as if I own the place!

On any day, most women wear plain and dark colored clothes, pair it with chunky jewellery with a lot of color - beads of different colors, big chunky pearls, interesting hats ( sometimes!) which makes it really interesting. Everybody wears makeup and it also subtly changes with the seasons. Glittery eye make up is in vogue and how can I forget the awesome shoes? You can see heels everywhere, irrespective of how uncomfortable it makes them! The heels and stilletoes, however ridiculously expensive they are, always find their way to feet with a perennially 'pained expression' ( (atleast that's what they say to me!). It takes one to know one! I mean, the feet...mine are always pissed off with the fashionistas anyway! So I try to make an effort now and then, but it fails! :P

Come winter, you can see a wiiiiideeeeee variety of coats and jackets. Every jacket has a different style and the most interesting buttons. Another interesting aspect of winter, is that the sexy boots emerge and just in case they feel lonely; the scarves and gloves scamper along happily! People start to look like poodles but there is a bright splash of color and a warm and fuzzy feeling in the air!

I realize the only constant in life is change and most definitely, fashion is no exception to it! While, most people dread change in real life and take time to adapt to changes; Parisians welcome the change in fashion and dazzle along as the season changes...

It will get colder and I may whine about wearing so many layers, am sure. But right now? I am excited about the SNOW!!...:)


Nimmy said...

This sounds a LOT like New York City! You will absolutely want to dress up well when u visit NYC. It's such a sight to watch women especially in the winter.. what with their color coded shoes, scarves and jackets. Such a pretty sight! :)

Pretty Woman said...

:-) Sounds pretty much like Paris! Anyday, fashion overrides comfort/ are a new visitor on the blog, welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

oooo la la...those are some shoes in the pic....
people (read women) are never too tired to change shoes and's only when they have to change their nature or behavior that they resist change :D

like nimmy said...this sounds like my city :)...NYC

Pretty Woman said...


:-) Guilty! The picture of the shoes are from Google! Its so much easier and fun to change clothes/shoes...changing nature is so much more difficult!

are'nt you 'Just call me A'? :-)

Homecooked said... know I only dress up for functions or feasts. I think even make-up doesnt like lipstick gets wiped off in approx 30 mins after application :)

Pretty Woman said...


ha ha ha :-) I guess you don't try should, it can be fun! ;-)

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