Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SINGAPORE....Here I come! ;-)

Satya and I decided even before we got married that we would do a lot of travelling( as we both enjoy it, except that I detest climbing high altitudes and S simply loves the mountains!) and it was finally decided that we would take holidays on our anniversary which is in June and another one in December. This dec, the exotic destination is going to be.....any guesses???.....SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am already super excited about it and people who know me well, for sure know how excited I get about even new SINGAPORE is big time excitement !!!!! :-)

Life gets more exciting when you have something to look forward to... doesnt it?? I have been asking around people for information on singapore and I have found loads of stuff from different people.

Had a long conversation with amma and appa yesterday. It felt good, i feel much more connected and thankful to them for numerous reasons. I am glad I listened to them about a lot of things in my life, though grudgingly. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! You mean the world to me! Amma has become my closest friend, with whom i talk for hours on the phone, post-marraige!

I get this a lot from people...that I am such a spoilt brat! The fact remains that I am not definitely pampered!!! I am not childish, am the same time, I have grown mature when it comes to important decisions in life, which is far more essential than any thing else! Spontaneity is something that I totally relate to...Dont you think, there must be some child like qualities in you, that's what helps you to enjoy life to the fullest. I would DIE, if I had to be all prim and proper!!! I like being silly you know!

Now i am all smiles...coz am thinking about SINGAPORE!!! he ..hehe...well, that's me WTD?? WALTO!!!!


Raaga said...

I was there earlier this year... Singapore is an amazing place. You have every reason to look forward to it and you'll come back with a lifetime of memories.

Have fun!

janani said...

Hey thanks a ton Raaga! Now i am happier...

cvraman said...

WOW enjoy u r stay there..