Friday, September 8, 2006

Yippppeee....Its the weekend! :-)

I am in a very happy mood when its friday! coz, its the weekend after that...well, for one, you can get up late, there is no rush to get to office, worry about what to cook for lunch and most of all, what to wear!! Well, its the whole thrill of having a doesnt help not to work at all, coz when you are not working and stay at home...every day seems like a weekend...sometimes dont even remember which day of the week it is...

A friend of mine is getting engaged and when she talks about her guy, it reminds me of my pre-wedding days!! S used to say, to be engaged, is to enjoy the freedom of not being committed yet and still have someone you love!! Its so true...those days were dreamy, and I would always think and relate everything to him...I still do! ;-) I am such a romantic at heart...all my conversations come down to love and S....Its synonymous....

One huge realisation after my wedding is how important amma is to me. Till now, i didnt realize how much she has contributed in bringing me up....she has stood by me at all times....and the sparkle in her eyes and the lilt in her voice is worth all the effort, when i do something that she is proud of...Amma! I love you with all my heart and am blessed to be your daughter....and I still hate your constant nagging! ;-)