Friday, September 15, 2006

Experience of living alone!

I have always wondered in my pre-wedding days, how it would feel to live alone and stay independant, doing everything on your own...Since I have moved to Pune, and there is no way that my parents/inlaws can stay with me for company, I finally get the opportunity to enjoy the experience as S is away! :-)

Initially, I was scared, but now i am actually enjoying myself...having the entire house to myself, no routine work that i MUST i get back from home, rustle up something from lunch letfovers, read a nice book and just chill...once i get back from work of course!

What i miss is the general chatter I have with S at the end of a yesterday something happened at work and i was seething with anger, and i really missed my sounding board! of course, later i had to be content with letting out all my anger on the phone....and then when S consoled me, i felt so much better...

Everything in life seems much easier only after you experience it. But inspite of all that i have said, I would love to live alone with S! he he...incorrigible, aint I??


godspeed said...

now you understand my value!!! the sounding board is a powerful tool...and a difficult thing to be

Pretty Woman said...

now you sound like a person with an inflated ego! dude!