Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mood swings...

All of us go through mood swings....I know quite a few who say "Oh! I am not moody at all"...CRAP! I dont believe anyone can remain upbeat all the time... I dont like to call myself "moody" , so i tend to say i am very emotional and if it means something else! ;-)

S often says that I am controlled by some switch, that if put "ON", I am all cheerful and happy and if put "OFF" I am all cranky, angry and irritated. REALLY!!! One minute, I will be all smiles and cheerful and just the next minute all quite and angry. I have made a resolution to shut up when I get angry, coz generally i tend to say things I dont mean and would regret later, when I am the solution is - SHUT UP!!

A close friend of mine has been acting wierd of late and i have been trying to figure out what is upsetting her...and i think of all permutations and combinations.. finally, she is back to her normal self..funny! how small things in life can upset someone or cheer us up at the same time.

I know this is absolutely off track from what I have been saying so far ( remember, I am like a switch???) I am listening to some wonderful music now and it soothes my frayed nerves! At work, I sit near the window and I can look outside at clear blue skies and watch the rain during monsoon...I love it! :-) Simple things in life make a huge difference...and I have realized how important it is cherish each day as it is... :-0 Philosophical, eh?