Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Skincare:What has worked for me!

Wish all you readers a very happy, prosperous, healthy and a successful new year 2015. For a change, this year I begin with a post related to beauty, skincare specifically.

I was not blessed with great skin. I used to have a bit of acne in my teens due to PCOD and hormonal imbalances. Gradually, it began to improve as we moved cities and later countries. The levels of pollution definitely has a direct impact on your skin.

Having Baby Girl has not only helped me get fitter, she has also made it possible to get rid of my hormonal imbalances. Touchwood. So I try to care for my skin and spend about 5-10 mins before going to bed and it has helped a great deal. Here's what I do:

I live in a hilly region and the climate is extremely dry. So from someone with oily skin, i now have very dry skin. In fact, during winter, I have dark patches near the lips or eyebrows - it is that dry. So I moisturize regularly throughout the day. It helps a great deal.

Night Cream
I have to admit, I have started using a night cream very recently, after the dark patch episode. I was mortified initially and desperately began to seek a solution for the same, when I read on a beauty blog that using a night cream can be amazing for dry skin especially. So I went ahead and bought the Olay Special Effects Night Cream though its a tad expensive. I must admit that the jar lasts for a long period though.
In just about a couple of days, the dark patches and bruises just disappeared. Its an amazing product and i strongly recommend it. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is plump and looks very healthy and well rested.

Rose water spray
This is my very own idea before this gulabari came along, anyway! I buy regular rose water from the grocery store and fill up a spritzer and spray it on my face - whether I am wearing make up or just moisturizer.

The most important and obvious change or routine that is a must is to remove all makeup. Never go to bed with makeup on, it is the worst thing you can do to your skin.