Monday, September 20, 2010

I love this picture! ask why?
1. Its an interesting perspective!
2. It has everything I love - the sea and S!
3. ...and "truth" prevails...literally!


Vibhuti B said...

Is that a TATTOOOO on S's neck????
What does it mean..
This pic has truly intrigued me now!

Pretty Woman said...


Yes it is! He got it done in Spain...I know, very unlike him! He is getting to know his "wild side" means "truth" in Chinese! :)

SR said...

Nice picture and the tatoo looks cool..

Pretty Woman said...


:) Thank you...I like it too...subtle!

Vidya said...

Hey Pretty Woman,

I have been out of pocket for a while and look at your, you are all over the blog world and in a good way! :)

I absolutely loved your post about a man's home is a wife's castle. I am not sure if I got the title right but you are spot on about changing little things around the home to jazz it up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "green" corner!

I have half a mind to visit you in Paris, right now!


Pretty Woman said...


Thank you so much for your generous lovely made my day! :) You are most welcome to Paris...:)