Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Purushaa!

My dear S,

Its your birthday and I am very very excited about it. I can't wait to see your kutty paiyan ( lil boy) excitement when I give you the gift - the well-deserved gift! Of course, its like digging my own grave; but its totally worth it. I can't wait to see the surprise and glee on your face!

In fact, I have lil surprises lined for you...and I have been preparing for it all I can't wait for your birthday to begin ( his birthday is tomorrow)!

You are my rock; my pillar of strength. I am sooo proud of you in every sense; be it your career accomplishments or when Amma (Mom) can't stop telling me how wonderful and loving you are to me or when someone compliments us on what a wonderful couple we make! (touchwood!). You mean the world to me and I guess the whole world knows that by now!

There are so many things I could say right here that evidently show what a wonderful man I am married to? But, I would like some things to remain just that - Personal! :) But you know how I feel, right? Right.

I wholeheartedly pray and hope God blesses you with everything you want, give you only happiness and love in your entire life, excellent health, success in anything and everything you do! May all your dreams come true :) I hope you live your life the way you want, life KING SIZE! I hope the kutty paiyan in you always remains that way - confident, excited and happy! :-)

'Grow old with me. The best is yet to be...'


P.S - Please say a silent prayer for my S....and bless him? Pretty Please? He needs all your good wishes.

P.P.S - I got him a Sony Playstation; I know I am a really brave woman! Things I do for love...


homecooked said...

How sweet! Wishing S a Very Happy B'day. Have loads of fun.

Pretty Woman said...


thanks a ton! :) will convey your wishes to him.

SR said...

Wishing S.. a very happy birthday...
PW - Well written post.. Love your posts :)
May God Bless you both loads of happines..

Pretty Woman said...


thanks a ton. It means a lot to me :)

I was thinking about you yesterday incidentally, hope all's well?

Vidya said...

I am catching up on posts and comments and what have you now! This post brought tears to my eyes.
I wish him all the best, though I suspect he already has the best, you! :D


Pretty Woman said...


you flatterer! I will make sure S does read this comment though! ;-)

thanks a ton for your good wishes :)