Monday, July 27, 2009

Friendship and Happiness!

I have found happiness in unexpected times...friendship from unexpected quarters!..When I didn't expect to feel happy or for that matter, didn't think someone would reach out to me and that someone would definitely not be the one I thought it would it comes as a pleasant surprise when it is unexpected and I began to re-evaluate my choices in life, choice of 'friends' and misplaced trust, maybe?! I can never understand the enigma that people can be...and I say it with no malice, it is more of a wondering, if I will ever figure it out or maybe that's how its meant to be. You are not supposed to figure it out, you know?!

I have always believed you have to love yourself first for others to love you...similarly, you first need to be happy yourself to make others happy. Can you imagine trying to make someone laugh while you are crying or sad? Maybe, you can smile imagining it! When did wanting to find happiness and be cheerful and upbeat become a selfish act? Why do we all expect approval from others all the time? In fact, if you have observed, there is always a need in all of us to do something ALL the time! You have to get somewhere. PERIOD. Even when you are on a holiday, you have a to-do list which is all great! But in the process, you forget to enjoy the experience. We have all heard of the phrase 'The journey to the destination is as important as reaching the destination'...but somewhere along the line we did'nt understand the meaning or may be fail to comprehend the meaning of life itself.

You are weak and vulnerable if you cry. You are dull and boring if you don't seek thrills. You are a wuss if you are emotional. Who makes up these things? When did you become an authority? Is there a point to blindly follow what others say? In the fear of being branded something, people hide their true emotions, they never experience it and I am no exception!
I am generally a very happy person; you will always find me smiling and cheerful. BUT, I am human, and I have my low moments too and I feel sad too. People really close to me get to see this side, mostly Amma, S and a few close friends.

Obviously, they want me to focus on the good things I have or am blessed with and not to dwell on the demotivating aspects.
While I would like to think I am self-motivated and optimistic, I hate it when I actually pity myself. I REALLY do…I feel like I have failed myself when I cry. But I have no qualms in admitting that when I cry it out, I really do feel better. It could be psychological? But hey, if it helps, it’s ok, right? Right!

Honestly, I find it very artificial when I meet people who are ALWAYS upbeat and cheerful anytime of the day. I think its humanly impossible or it could be a case of sour grapes, maybe? If i think about it now, maybe such people camouflage their negative feelings or frustrations well. How I wish they were open about it? People like me would not feel so guilty about feelings sad. Coz it makes me feel I am a weak person and that I need to be strong all the time.

I would like to believe I have evolved as a person coz I am able to acknowledge or identify the not-so-pleasant aspects of me. Most of the times, I only begin the self-improvement process, it does not move beyond a point, like i have reached a plateau or something!


Raaga said...

I think our aim (very generically speaking) in life is to be happy... whatever our definition of happiness might be. So, if that is considered selfish, so be it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, not sure what makes you feel low at times. But it's PERFECTLY OK to be upset and to cry at times. In fact that is good for our emotional health. I am sure everything will happen at the right time. So just enjoy whatever phase of life you are in now:-)

Poppins said...

It's perfectly fine to be upset sometimes but I am happy for people who are upbeat at all times. My husband is one of that kind and I get annoyed by him because I think he's pretending.

But the truth is he is upbeat. He keeps telling me that there are worse places to be in, worse situations to be in and that always cheers him up.

I think I could learn a thing or two from him. And indeed whenever I act like I'm not sad, I find that I'm not - sometimes all it takes is a mental switch!

Pretty Woman said...


And that would describe to be very be it! I agree! :)

Pretty Woman said...


I wish I could feel ok about being upset...and you are right! Its important to enjoy what you have now... :) Thanks!

Pretty Woman said...


A positive outlook!!! Very important to have at all times....I could learn a thing or two from your husband too!! :)

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