Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trial and error...

There was an error in my internet connection for a long time and after that I went on a 2-week holiday all over Austria and Prague....hence the long absences from the blog, if any of you hopped over expecting posts to find none, that's the reason and I am sorry to disappoint you. Anyway, I had a wonderful time off and came back home with wonderful memories, pictures and experiences which I will share...over a period of time! Meanwhile, with a lot of time on hand, and unable to do any work without the internet, I tried my hand at fiction. Let me know what you think...:-)

New Beginnings

Raksha looked at the orange-tinted sky and wondered was it already evening? Just like how she thought everyday about when she had grown into a woman all so quickly with numerous responsibilities, tensions and chores. But she did not have her fill of innocence, carefree days and silly laughter that only a child could have. Strangely, happiness and love played hide and seek with her. Vikram being Vikram was so full of himself that conversations with him seemed like a chore in itself! She began to think how she could continue to live with him for the rest of her life? Even if she did, were they happy together?

She met Vikram in college while doing her Masters in Communications. He was a senior who relentlessly pursued her and she was bowled over by his personality and confidence. As the years passed by, she realized that all he had was over-confidence! All that mattered to him was about being right in every single conversation with anyone or to prove that he was superior to anyone else in every sense! His successful career and wealth fuelled his arrogance. It was a mystery to her how she didn’t see it coming in her younger days. Was she that naïve or just blind to his lack of respect for anyone?

She worked with a software firm as a Corporate Communications Executive while Vikram had his own advertising firm. Raksha was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t even prepared for dinner. She heard Vikram let himself in and his chaste ‘Hey Babe’ with his earphones on, who didn’t even stop to wait for a response from her. She let herself into the kitchen to start cooking. Vikram came in too, fresh from the shower within a few minutes and asked lovingly, “Can I help with something?” with his killer smile indented with cute dimples.

Raksha was pleasantly surprised to hear that and asked him to make the salad. As they worked in tandem in the kitchen, Raksha saw a glimmer of hope in their relationship and felt as if Vikram was changing for the better. Or maybe just like the light reflects in the air and turns the sky orange, she was looking at him from a different perspective? Either way, she thought to herself isn’t it hope that keeps us all going? She decided to start anew with Vikram right that instant and make a new beginning.

Indeed, the next day, it was a beautiful Sunday morning, as Vikram and Raksha snuggled together as they lay in bed spooning each other. Raksha looked at the beautiful blue sky!


SV said...

not fair! its supposed be a longer piece - you promised!

Pretty Woman said...


one step at a time....I need to know if its good enough to continue... :)

SR said...

Hey .. Great work.. loved it.. Want to read some more.. Will look forward to some more..

A journey called Life said...

heyy PW, so thatz why u were away so long.. hopped over a couple of times.. hope u had a nice holiday..
nice write up.. had a very warm feeling to it.. u shd write more

Vibhuti said...

welcome back..did miss your blogposts on the scene..And a swell way for a comeback it is!
Also since i know u r a music lover I have picked up a tag and pinned you..
would love to know whats on ur playlist?

techpsyche said...

Hi Janani,
Welcome back!
The story is good but looks like you got pulled out of it in a hurry. It started quite well but why did you rush to wrap it up??

My 2 cents!!

Pretty Woman said...


feels good to be missed :)....Music tag, eh? will do...i don't have a specific playlist though...

Pretty Woman said...


I had an awesome holiday...thank you for your kind words :)

Pretty Woman said...


ha ha caught me there!!! You are right...i got impatient towards the end and wrapped it up!! Patience is not a virtue I possess... :)