Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bastille Day Fireworks - View from our living room!

We sat in the balcony, having dinner and thoroughly enjoying this spectacle! It felt like all of France gathered in the Eiffel Tower, to celebrate Diwali ! Sharing the joy of light with you here...

Part I (Click on the colored text)

Part II (Click on the colored text)

Part III (Click on the colored text)

Part IV (Click on the colored text)

You can hear us talking in the background...sorry, we just didn't remember the conversation and the clink of cutlery could get recorded as well!!! :D


Miss M said...

Okay that was some sight!!


Beautiful. :)

Pretty Woman said...

:) I am glad i could capture it and share it here!!

Chandra said...

XLLCNT, too much, u guys are lucky and are having fun!!!!!
good video

Raaga said...

lovely... incidentally I was in Paris at the same time in 2000 :) I watched the videos in mute, so the background conversation will have to wait for another day!