Monday, September 8, 2008

'A thousand splendid suns' - Khaled Hosseini

I was so desperate to read this book and since I just did'nt find the time to go buy it or for that matter, when I did go shopping I simply forgot, I read the e-book ( I can hear book lovers gasping coz I know lots of people like to read from a physical book). I know that there is a certain charm in reading books which goes missing when you read it virtually. Well, something is better than nothing.

I have heard so much about this book from different people that I had great expectations. The author's eloquence takes your breath away and makes you feel as if you are with the protagonist as she goes through hell in every stage of her life. There is a world of difference between feeling sorry for those brave women by reading through the pages of a splendid book to actually going through all those adversities, humiliation, pain, agony, injustice, fear and so many conflicting not-so-pleasant emotions!

It made me think how lucky and blessed i be where I am right now!

Edited to add: I am planning to read 'The Kite Runner' next...I have to warn you that the book does not leave you with a very happy feeling, it makes you really sad. On a totally different note, i saw 'what happens in vegas' this weekend, usual story but very funny!! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie!


Unknown said...

Khaled Hosseini has the quality of making you "live" the experience. War torn Afghanistan is so well captured that we, living in a democracy cant even fathom some of he restrictions imposed on women. The parts where the protagonist has to hide and meet her kids at the child shelter really affected me...

A good read, n Kite Runner is certainly better... Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Kite Runner is a brilliant book.. and it seems better than 'the thousand splendid suns'.. I loved kite Runner..
Have fun..

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Ritu!

Absolutely! I loved the happy parts, where the author describes a daughter's adulation for her father! :-) I shall definitely read 'The Kite Runner'

Pretty Woman said...

Hey SR,
Thank you for taking the time to comment. With so many strong recommendations, I think 'The Kite Runner' is a must-read! :-)