Wednesday, September 17, 2008

* Conditions apply!

You look at some interesting sale or tempting offer and get all excited. Your excitement is all dampened the minute you see the little * somewhere in the corner, in a tiny font yet it can't be ignored. Lots of things in life too comes with conditions, don't they? Let me list down some I have noticed among people, mostly the unsaid part!
  • I love you if you love me too*
  • I love being in a relationship provided I have my space*
  • I enjoy working provided every alternate day is a holiday* ;-) ( This could be my wish!)
  • You can be very frank and say what you want to, as long as you say what i want to hear*
  • I feel close to people as long as they say all the right things*
  • I am open to feedback as long as you don't criticize me*
  • I love my parents as long as they don't interfere in my life*
  • You adore me only if I buy expensive gifts for you regularly*
  • I am a good person only if I don't have an opinion of my own on anything whatsoever*

You can comment here only if you have the patience for it*

*Conditions apply! Go on, add some more if you have anything...