Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes, I wonder what it would mean to have a sister. I have a great relationship with my brother and we are pretty close. When I see my friends with sisters, I see an easy camaraderie; almost a mother-child relationship without the formal frills and a lot of close friendship put in…its beautiful. It makes me wonder how it would be to have a sister…of course, as a kid, I didn’t want a sister coz the selfish-me didn’t want to share my clothes, accessories or anything with another girl who happens to be my mother’s first or second child! (Yup, that’s what I thought a sister could be. nothing more, nothing less!!)… I now know how wrong I was…coz it is like nurturing your kid, though it sounds clichéd, the idea of sharing your dreams, love, affection, parents, home, secrets, clothes, rooms and everything wonderful and happiness that only sharing can bring about…an almost selfless perfect love…

I must say I have always wondered when I look at sisters and if one of them is prettier or more successful than the other, do they feel jealous or have a low self esteem? But I always end up answering my own question. Do I feel jealous or envy my brother for being successful or for being happy? No, all I can feel is an immense pride and happiness to see him happy and successful…isn’t that how sisters would feel too?...But something that I am sure of is that girly conversations and late night talks definitely happens only among sisters….I have good fun with my brother and we share a few laughs and talk/support each other in times of crisis…but we don’t really talk about everything under the sun for hours together, I think it is something to do with women… I guess I will never know… There is no limit to anything that your heart desires, isn’t it? Brother or sisters, siblings are priceless and it’s a feeling that cannot be described easily in words…as a kid, there were times I hated having an elder brother….but fact remains that I cant imagine my life without him now…I proudly proclaim to this world that I am indeed blessed to have such a wonderful brother – the most caring and loving sibling anyone could have! J