Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have been busy for the past few weeks with house guests, work and a few other things to be taken care of, at home. Though, I have been reading all the other blogs in the meantime, I did'nt really have anything interesting to write home about..

A little self-introspection I did made me realize that I have become so much calmer!! While, in the past I would have reacted immediately, in recent times, I have learnt to keep quiet and not say anything at all, which in itself is a big step for I keep telling myself ' I am proud of you, girl!!' I have always been under the misconception that being outspoken is the right way to be... unfortunately for me, nope! it doesn't help...people judge you for it and the impression stays!! I guess I am getting older and its showing in my personality! :) My frequent reactions to most things is to smile, but my face gives me away as you can see myriad expressions on my face even if my mouth is shut! he he...come on, gimme a takes time!!

On a tangent mode, and for some strange reason, I am longing to go to Pondicherry, maybe I will discuss with S and we can celebrate our anniversary there... By the way, I celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary this June, if any one can give me some interesting and unique gift ideas, please leave comments. I want to make something personal for S, not some expensive gift or anything please....something that I do with effort, straight from the heart kind of thing....and no! poetry is not something I am really good at....this is proof for that statement! ;)

I have started reading books and can't imagine why I have been wasting my time talking!! :D
Its sheer bliss to sit with a good book on the swing with the chimes and the sound of water gushing in the background...after the constant chatter at work for both official and personal purposes and of course, being ME!....the reading sessions are a welcome break. I cant believe am saying this, but I love the solitude! ( not more than a few hours, thank you!)


Ritu said...

Good for you dear!!!

As for the gift, I am celebrating my 13th this year...and am totally out of ideas too... So maybe I'll keep a check on ur blog to see what ideas readers can come up with... Might just steal one ;-)